An Email I sent David Seymour a Week Ago asking about his Vax Status and Negative Mortality Claims

Maybe it’s because I’m not an Epsom voter, maybe it’s because I used the Spider Cat email, but nothing in response to the following email.

The Email – Sent 0913 on 15 May 2023

Hi David,

I’m told that you said a couple of things in an interview the other day that are actually completely incorrect.

a) NZ is 96% vaccinated?  We never even reached 85% “fully vaccinated”.  You may have been thinking of the old “eligible population” figure that excluded under-18s and anyone who hadn’t been to a GP in the past 24 months.  Our actual vaccination numbers are considerably closer to these:


b) “New Zealand had Negative Excess Mortality across the Pandemic”?  Your EA has responded to this by linking to the Our World in Data graph that shows Cumulative Excess Mortality Compared to PROJECTIONS” (emphasis mine), which shows how our actual mortality tracks against those stupidly inflated guesses as to the impact of Covid.  Remember Shaun Hendy and his ludicrous “Tens of Thousands will die from Covid” comment?  Based on assumptions like “nobody will alter their behaviour in any way” and “each and every individual has the same likelihood of catching and transmitting the virus”?

Comparing the actual deaths to those guesses is like me saying that tens of thousands will die if I don’t mow the lawn.  Then, when we see that way under tens of thousands die, so I get to say we had negative excess mortality?  I don’t think it works that way.

The OECD Mortality database tracks Mortality (total deaths), Excess Mortality (comparison of actual deaths with the average over the last 5 years) and Covid Deaths.

I have put together a page for your reading pleasure.  Please take a look and confirm that you still think we had Negative Excess Mortality, or that you have actually looked at the graphs and can see that: In 2020, we had -158 Excess Deaths, 2021: 2,169 extra deaths, 2022: 5,697 extra deaths, and 1,116 so far in 2023.

Do those numbers add up to a Negative number, David?

Eagerly awaiting your response,


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