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We Fight for Truth and against Wokeness

Spider Cat NZ began life on Twitter, providing people with an “alternative” view to the “One Source of Truth” that the NZ Government chose to present.

A short-lived .co.nz domain gave way to the current one, where we continue to provide Covid Stats by vaccination status, along with MidJourney-generated memes and commentary on the wokeness of the leftards on Social Media.


Our Story - possibly just a story

I was taking my pet cat, Spidey, for a walk on that fateful day when a sudden flash blinded me. When my vision cleared, I noticed a shimmering light in the distance. Curious, I made my way towards it, with Spidey scampering by my side.

As we got closer, the ground shook violently, and the air roared with thunderous blasts. It was then that I realized that the particle accelerator had malfunctioned and exploded in a catastrophic way.

In the midst of the chaos, I held on to Spidey tightly and ran for cover. We could feel the intense heat and saw the blinding light enveloping everything in its path.

After a few minutes, everything was quiet, and I cautiously stepped out to survey the damage. All around me, buildings lay in rubble, and cars were overturned. 

And I had fur.

Exclusive Agreement

Totally me here on this bench thing in my white gears.



Oh. My. Gosh!

Jim Fakeman


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