A thread in which multiple people defend the bashing of an elderly woman

Shaneel lal and Max tweedie defend violence

Here are some of my favourites:

Shaneel Lal and Max Tweedie (Director of “Auckland Pride”) are proud of their actions
Bridget, supporting violence against women
Don’t want the bash? Don’t stride briskly towards Andy.
Better not push anyone, that’s deserving of a cracked skull in Catt’s world.
Catt, again. Demonstrating that she did not watch the video.

Nwxt up, we have Andy, who runs the Facebook and Twitter accounts and website for “FACT Aotearoa”, which claims to be a fact-checking service but is yet another woke mongrel with a hard-on for Socialism and Tribal Rule. Hates old women .

So, we can take 2000 screaming people to Andy’s, and breach his boundaries. Sweet.

Update May 3 2023, Wellington had a Stand Up For Women event today.

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